Some favorite moments of our almost 14 month old from the last week or two:

first time with play-dough. she put it in her mouth repeatedly for the first five minutes but finally seemed to get the picture that it's just for play.

going for a soulemama look this day:

she climbs right into the lockers at the Y:

she likes seeing her face on the phone screen :)

we went to a 'maple sugarhouse' this weekend... Ruth loved the chickens they had!  It's been so fun watching her rediscover the outdoors now that Spring is here.

watching her sisters play down in the yard:

She had fun today with Edie, Isaac and Finn playing in the driveway with mud and melting snow:




I was just talking with a friend today about our blog and thought I should post some random moments from the last few weeks. Life has been busy and exhausting lately, but with sunny days, snow melting and a pause in illnesses we are feeling so much better!!

Sometimes Ruth gets tired of being held and hugged:

Ruth and her sweet little friend, Iris. Shortly after this photo, Iris put Lion's paw in her mouth and reacted with the most hilarious look of disgust - it was so funny :)


Grandpop and Lola gave them tickets to see the Wild Kratts Live for Christmas - it was such a fun outing!! Elaine slept over that weekend and we could get her a ticket too.

Vera has been wanting a special picture of her and Trixie - like one she had with Eloise. Trixie is growing on me - she's such a gentle and sweet bunny!

Ruth is growing and changing so much. She has lots of little 'plans' - for some reason she likes to put the wooden ice cream cones on these stools and push them around.

Edie is in a major puzzle phase. She does these four puzzles from Melissa like six times a day.


*Ruth at 1

We love Ruth so much. So so much. She is a fun, spunky, increasingly-feisty, happy, smiley, social, bright-eyed adorable little girl. She loves her Lion, hugging stuffed animals and baby dolls, putting objects in a cup or box, "coloring" with all the pencils and crayons she finds, looking at books [gets mad when it's time to finish one before nap], growling, petting Trixie the bunny, meeting other babies, plastic water bottles, dogs, her mama, dada and sisters, our friends (Elaine and her dad, the Kims, our neighbors across the street).

She seems socially motivated like Vera was as a baby, and just squeals with delight when our friends come over.  She gets smiles and comments on what a friendly, happy and beautiful baby she is wherever we go :)  She is very emphatic in communicating what she wants, pointing and trying to say "this!!!", rocking me towards whatever it is and then throwing her head back in frustration if she doesn't get it [like wanting to go down to our basement to visit the bunny]. She says Mama (a lot!!), Dada, doggie, hot, ... signs please and all-done, dog, water and more. Today she signed thank you when Edie brought her Lion to her :)

She is 19lbs at about the 24% and similar for height (can't remember).  She lost some weight in December because of an intestinal bug that actually lingered for over 2 months! She also has become a little picky because of it - having mostly eaten bananas, rice, applesauce and toast for that long! She does love squash, sweet potato, rice, oatmeal, peanut butter, waffles, peas, blueberries.... she never did take a bottle of anything and doesn't seem to like whole milk yet.  She started really walking the week before her birthday and now prefers it! Also climbs on any chair or stool she can reach.

ANyway, that's a snapshot of our beloved little Ruth.

Here's Vera at 1 and Edie at 1!


*Rudy and Trixie

I just had to post this little succession of pictures. Ruth was so excited to pet Trixie and definitely understands "be gentle". She's pretty tired today and a little sick which is making her really sensitive. Every time Vera would say "no no, be gentle!" Ruth would burst into tears. So stinkin cute :)


Thought I'd post some pictures from our recent snowstorms - which aren't even over!!! It seems that the South Shore is getting the most snow - I heard here in Quincy we have 75-80"!!  Pictures don't really seem to do it justice, it's hard to capture how much snow there is.

The first few snow days were fun.  I made chili + cornbread, minestrone + butter dips, shepherd's pie, pancakes... We knitted and colored and the girls played really well together. Ruth took great naps and we drank wine and were cozy by the fire. Now on the 8th day of cancelled school we have snotty noses, fevers, tantrums, low patience levels ... :)  and there's supposed to be another foot on Thursday!  Anyway it has already broken records for Boston and it's been fun and exciting - we will remember it for sure!

Vera and her friends standing on 3 feet of snow:

on top of one of the huge piles pushed up on the street corner:

walking to school:

This was the first snow which seemed so much at the time!

 fun with neighbors

our deck now:

went for a beautiful walk after the first blizzard:
on top of their snow fort in backyard:

Ben's office:

inside the snow fort - it's now inaccessible:

ice on Quincy Bay on Sunday:

I was actually nervous having Edie play outside yesterday - I was worried she'd be stuck or fall in headfirst or something!

Ruth and I joined for a few minutes :)