*nearly summer

documenting life via my iphone:

We've been riding our bikes [Vera can ride the whole way!] to the library for story time or just to pick up books we've requested [I just finished History of Love - so good!!] This is the amazing view from the roof:

Playing in the "7 canyons" water feature thing at our park. Here we were inspecting Edie's owie. She was fascinated with the "blup" = blood:

playing in Jack's backyard: 

Edie and Graham finding rollie pollies (sp): 

Making lots of mojitos - the sole reason I planted mint in our garden:

Eating a popsicle on the front step is a good cure for post-nap grumpiness:

 Lots of playing with Eloise:

Edie had been getting up at 6:00 and a few times we would take a walk after my mate and her Signing Time - it is so nice and cool at that hour that I decided that would be our routine.  The next day she slept until almost 7:00 and has been inconsistent almost every day since which makes it a little more complicated as Vera then wakes up. Anyway I will find a way to make our early morning walks work...

We all rode our bikes to the first Farmer's Market this morning - this is Edie fascinated by the man playing the piano-on-wheels.  He was playing "I'm always chasing rainbows" which Ben said was really nostalgic as they used to listen to his neighbor play it when he was little.  He even got a little choked up :)  The market was fun - a nice coolish day.  Ben got a pulled pork sandwich [which he actually regretted a little since we finally just finished leftovers from the graduation party], Vera got a snow cone and I got a Venezuelan empanada.  Edie ate chips and lemonade [bad mom!]. We also got some arugula which I'm making into a pesto tonight.  Not a bad start to summer!


*sounding out

Vera has been writing notes, lists and stories lately - sounding out most of the words.  I love it!!  What a fun stage this will be - finding her creative little notes strewn about.  Can I repeat myself and say I just love watching my kids learn and discover new things.


A dream she had: "Once upon time I was at ballet class with Mimi and Sam and Miss Kim"

on the back of a picture: "Mimi and Sam's birthday" [I think I told her how to spell and]