*happy birthday peanut!

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I took it with my cell phone in the hospital room on Vera's first night.  Ben had gone home to sleep and it was just me and her.  I remember it was [finally] really quiet and still and I just stared at her sweet alert little face.  It was surreal after all that waiting to finally meet her, and looking at the picture fills me with a sweet sense of nostalgia for that moment.

Happy Birthday Vera!  
We love you so much - we can't even believe how much!


*happy 4th

I love to think back on that happiest of days ... an amazingly beautiful setting, [almost] all our friends and family present, beautiful flowers, good food, a delicious/gorgeous cake [rivaled only by julie + jeremy's], a wonderful Christ-centered ceremony - all to crown the joyous happy excitement we felt at the prospect of what our lives together would bring. And here we are 4 years later. Memories of new homes put together, new friends made together, meals shared together, a few character building arguments together [just a couple :)], a precious little family started together - - - Ben, I'm so glad we get to do this together!

*(sorry, i can't figure out pictures on ben's laptop)
** I feel I should thank everyone again for helping make our wedding so amazing. so many beautiful details!


*here we are

::::{a much much anticipated trip to tahoe.  i did find a wireless connection in the cabin [smokeyjoe's - i'm quite disciplined, only online a couple times] but having a hard time uploading photos.  this is my favorite pirated picture off google.  it's really that beautiful here }::::



*fresh herbs

This is my other favorite summer dinner, especially if the goods come from the garden. Just about everything did - even the lettuce! Well the broccolini was from the farmer's market [so good!]. Man, it was delicious - I'm still upset I didn't make more.

{...eaten on the front step b/c we don't have a porch...}

lots of olive oil
basil, oregano, thyme
rosemary, italian parsley
couple drops of balsamic vinegar [which liz brought from italy!]
lots of pinenuts
grated parmesan


*one year ago

Celebrating an early anniversary: watching **the amazing** Pink Martini at Deer Valley. Brie, baguettes, corn/basil salad and a big fat pregnant belly [she was already about 9 lbs in there!!!!].


*la cocinita

I bought this at a garage sale today for twenty bucks! I often drool over these ridiculously expensive ones as well as this one, so I am so excited to have found this! I can't wait to [have Ben sand first - I hate sanding] paint it and stock it with some pots & pans. I remember lusting after a kitchen set when I was little and am happy to live through Vera :)


*these little hands...

[you should have seen the look she gave me: uh mom, i'm trying to read a book here..]



I've been told I should get a video of Vera while she's in her wobbly-walking stage. She's already transitioning from holding her arms out Frankenstein-style and even though she still mostly crawls, is more confident every day...:

:...and yes I've posted a lot lately...:

*first artwork

I know the day will come when she'll be in trouble for defacing a favorite book, but for now I'm so excited to see she's discovered what to do with a colored pencil! I sat back and watched her figure it out all on her own :)



[...at our neighbors' last night...]


...lately Vera is really into getting into things...


*first word [maybe]

Vera is making a new sound that I think is her attempt at a first word (besides Dada). She started saying it every time she saw my parents' dogs and now says it sometimes when she sees Boone or any other dog/animal. Or she doesn't say it at all - maybe it's just a new sound.


*buen viaje!

Jessie and Ben stayed with us last night on their way through to New York. Jessie got into Columbia's journalism program and Ben got a sweet [my Ben would say] job nearby. We are so proud of them!!! We really enjoy these two so much, and there were a couple tears on this end as they drove away.



She does look a lot like me. However, those pictures were the closest I found! Vera is far cuter than I was with that hint of her chinese/filipino roots that I see developing more and more. I guess that's what I keep looking for. And it's there :)


*little annie

Vera and I have been in Nevada all week. Whenever I'm home I love looking and relooking at old photos. I keep searching for Vera's face in mine. It's there, but she is definitely her own little person. Here I am at 10 mos./18 mos: