*last days...

I meant to post some pictures from our last days in Nevada. I lost quite a few when I ran my iphone through the wash .. the day before we were supposed to leave. Which we postponed because Edie and then I got the flu. Needless to say it was a stressful time!

This looks like pre-packing... Edie pretending to call Tia.

mid-packing. ugh I hate that stage - no matter what you do, things just get messy and dirty. like dust appears from everywhere.  I tried to be extremely organized but at the end it was still throwing random stuff in random boxes.  Here in our apartment, we probably could have used a little less. Pack lightly and then take even more out is what I say.

Girls helping clean up their art room - I miss that space!

last dinner before Ben left for MA.  Vera was at her very first sleepover - at Greta's. 

I actually just went to download the pictures from my new phone to my computer and they are all gone!! It synched to all my old stuff - off to google if I can get them back!!!


*ya llegamos

After a very easy day of travel, we arrived here on Tuesday night!  Seriously, the girls were so good and cooperative.  Edie almost started to have a little fit at the end of the last flight, but finally snuggled into my side and said, "I want to be nice." ?? never heard that from her before.

Anyway so we've been here two days - which from my experience moving around is not enough to say how you are really doing.  Basically we have just hunkered down in our empty one bedroom apartment/dorm because it is unbelievably cold outside.  I think like 12 degrees and -man- the wind is ICY.  Our things have not arrived yet either, so there isn't unpacking to do. I have made calls about insurance, getting Vera in school, took her for a physical, refined my resume, took myself out for lattes and tea [we did finally borrow a pot today to heat water].. that's about it. The girls play on their new bunkbed [yes it's way more stressful than I thought. and taller... ben and I had some miscommunication :)] and I have been reading my book Cutting for Stone and checking my phone 20 times a day :)  Ben is busy teaching and preparing for both his classes and setting up to direct a new Boston semester program he will be in charge of.

I can't really tell you much about the town... I know one street pretty well, but cannot tell you which way is north. Isn't that how it is when you first move? At first you get to know your tiny area and are terrified to leave its perimeter... every day you are a little more comfortable and in a few months you know it all.  I'm ok with being where I am on day 2 :)

Posing next to our massive amount of luggage - I tried to keep it simple, but things kept appearing while we were packing!  The side sling here was SO helpful for holding Edie and having my hands free.  I have always liked being out on my own like this, figuring out logistics [we were in Seattle for almost a week].

cuties on the plane. here they were excited about "ordering" their pretzels and oj:

new bunkbed! bedding hasn't arrived, but we are borrowing from some good friends [the McCoys for any of you plnu folks]  Edie transitioned well from her pac n play [which she has slept in since forever] to a big girl bed!

Vera immediately [without asking :/] decorated the inside slats of the top bunk.  She is very proud of her work and I guess it's fine since you can't see it from the outside.

first meal - at the student commons. it is so weird to be on a college campus!! with kids! hahahah one of my friends said she hopes the girls don't gain a freshman 15 :)  I hope I don't!!  Once our stuff arrives we will be able to eat in our apartment better.

the view from our window:

*more soon!*


*day in Boston

I just found this unpublished post with pictures of our day in Boston when we went for the interview.  The train was a 10 minute walk from campus and then a 15 minute ride to Boston Commons (I think that's what it was called?).  We spent the day walking along the freedom trail and going into historic churches, graveyards, famous eateries and shops to warm up.  We walked at least 6 miles in blowing wind and snow in about 24 degrees - good thing we didn't have the girls with us!  This was the only time I have ever visited Boston - I am so excited to get to know it!!!!

Here is Ben in heaven.  He reminded me of his dad here :)

The Green Dragon Tavern where Paul Revere and someone did something related to starting the revolution [I obviously need to read up on it all].  You can order a Freedom Trail hotdog or a Liberty Nacho plate... I got french onion soup and Ben got -- lobster.

We had dinner that night in the North End Italian district.   Our dinner was good, but not amaazing.  I went off some Chowhound suggestions - a little disappointing.  It was still a good time - super cozy and busy.  I was taking a sly picture here of the hostess who looked like she stepped out of 1982 Italy.

A beautiful room in the Boston Public library.  Carson City just turned down a thing on the ballot for a nice new library - people said libraries are obsolete which I totally disagree with.  Just visit a library like this or Salt Lake's amazing Main library!!

Yeah, who uses libraries?  :)

We picked up one these "lobster claws" recommended by Auntie Carol from the Modern Pastry shop and took it back to our apartment. Sooo good. Kind of gives you a stomach ache :)

On the train, lobster claw in hand. I am looking forward to city living!

Ben is already there - girls and I arrive the 22nd.



Have I ever mentioned that Edie loves spicy food?  Once she even finished my green curry dish from Chanon Thai!  Lately she's been loving the jalapeƱo cheddar my parents serve - she winces a bit and then asks for more.  It's fun to watch :)

*los ...... ?

I forgot how to say deer in Spanish.

I love this house we've been living in, I really do. One fun thing is how often we see deer here! There is literally a path across our front yard - like 10 yards from our window - where they walk through every day. This morning I was out feeding Eloise and heard some rustling behind the fence. I opened the gate and said hello to a cute family of four - including two little guys. We also actually had a family of hawks fighting over a captured dove recently too. I miss the "big city" (haha) of Salt Lake, but I do love being in little Carson City!!

from a few weeks ago - things have been covered with snow and ice at least the last 2 weeks


*mr. cater

This was several weeks ago, but I want to remember it.  Ben was a substitute for the school district here this Fall and got to sub for Vera's class 3 days in a row!  They were both so excited.  I wish I had a video of him teaching the kindergarteners - they loved him!  Apparently Vera was really well-behaved - so happy with her dad there :)


*la nieve y el friooo

It's been so cold that the snow is not melting!! It's actually kind of fun here in our circle because you can slide out a bit in the car when you are leaving :) :)

*navidad - parte 2

All of my siblings' families, except Liz and her new husband, were here for Christmas. It was nice that we didn't have to travel at all... but to be honest, this might have been one of the most stressful holidays! I guess because we were trying to organize to move across the country while attempting to get to my parents' fairly early each day to spend time with everyone, help with the craziness of serving dinner for 20-25 each night, deal with total potty-training regression and a 5 year old who unsuccessfully tries to fit in with the older cousins by turning on the extra-silly factor :/ Anyway, despite all of the above, it is still always so wonderful and refreshing to hang out with family - I just love everyone so much and love having time to converse and just be together.

Here are some highlights...

Edie walking up to their house Christmas morning. She was so cute clutching her little friends :)

helping in the kitchen - wearing a little bib I used to wear:

all ten grandkids:

in the kitchen ... food was obviously delicious all week long.  Not on purpose, but every single recipe I suggested or made was Barefoot Contessa.  Her spiral ham, tabouleh, hummus, sun dried tomato dip, roasted eggplant dip...

all the grandgirls:

out of order - edie showing me the paper snowball she made me:

Edie wanted to hide Puppy on this high shelf and biggest cousin Christopher helped her out. There is something about these older boys that my girls just adore :)

I think this one is just beautiful

helping aunt gegi - both of them love to help in the kitchen!!


We didn't realize it was snowing outside all during Christmas dinner, but when we left we found at least a foot of new snow! One of those magical times where the snow is falling heavy and soft, a pinkish light in the sky.  So beautiful!  Below is the governor's mansion which the girls request to drive by every time we are out.