chip read:

My dad lent us his nice camera a few months ago.  I've had fun playing with it but had no way to share the pictures until now. I am quite computer/camera illiterate and hadn't even heard of a chip reader - well now we have one :)  Here are some random pictures I took this Fall...  

This is what Edie does ALL day to Ruth, drives me -and Ruth- crazy!! :)


our tiny Christmas tree: 

Dad playing Barbie:

Edie and her new little friend from church:

Edie reluctantly trying on an old knitted sweater. I tried to bribe her to keep it on - no luck.

dance show:

*chip read part 2

making pickles:

enjoying the sun:


Ruth obviously LOves Trixie, our bunny:

from our deck:

Vera started violin this Fall, something she's always wanted to do. It's harder than she anticipated but she seems to like it still!

Edie's 4th birthday: 

 Even walking by this door makes me happy, the light and colors are so beautiful.

cute little bottom:

Edie's typical camera smile:

our little friend Isaac: