*little grump

When Edie hasn't napped or is just feeling a little grumpy, she will stop in her tracks and assume this little Charlie Brown pose.  You ask if she wants to walk or sit in the stroller and she says, "nothing" or "I don't want to go wif you anymore."  It is seriously so funny and adorable and just looking at these pictures makes us laugh.  If you stand there and prod her a bit or tell her there is no smiling she breaks and laughs too.


*Father's Day in Maine

We spent last weekend in Maine exploring Acadia National Park.  It was extremely beautiful and picturesque and just what you might imagine Maine to be like.  I loved the little towns with the old buildings and sweet storefronts, the harbors filled with fishing boats, the lobster pots stacked up outside people's homes, the lush greenery...

We stayed in a sweet little cottage/motel. Here is Vera decorating our screen door:

So fun to read through this one while we were there - such a beautiful book!

Edie is in HEAVEN digging in the sand and making her sand cakes and castles. 
I miss our sandbox so much.

she was so proud of this one and fell completely apart when she saw Ben dump it out before we left.

a good daddy :)

looking in the tidepools at the end of the ship's harbor trail:

learning to skip rocks from a master:

this little part of the island made me feel like I was in Avonlea :)

wild blueberry pie!

The lobster pound (what does that mean?) where we had dinner on Father's Day. Ben's parents realized this is the same place they went years and years ago when Ben was 3 and Jessie 5! How neat is that.

She posed with the lobster, but neither would even entertain taking a bite. 



Tonight Ben was at a Red Sox game with his history department friends. The girls and I didn't do anything exciting, but it was one of those nice, pleasant times where you just enjoy your kids and feel content with life.

We took our lemonade popsicles outside after dinner.  There have been some crazy hot and muggy days, but the last couple have been lovely with sun and a coolish breeze.  Our "backyard" of the campus is really beautiful and lush, a good place to play.

We spotted a baby bunny on the grass and spent the next while hoping it would come back out of the bushes after getting scared away.  You know how much Vera loves bunnies!!

Here the little guy finally hopped out. Vera is trying to walk by nonchalantly to not scare it, while Edie of course heads straight towards it. Poor Vera was so upset when it ran away again.


Later I let them color a little before they got in bed. It was so cute to see them working together. They were whispering and I listened in - first Vera was trying to help Edie with her pronunciation [she still says 'lose' instead of 'use'] and then I heard her telling a chicken crosses the road joke.

Of course there had to be a little drama - they had both *promised* to cooperate and get right in bed when I said it was time... Edie didn't care what she had promised and refused: "I'm NOT!" - clutching her little fist around the crayon :)  It took a little convincing, but she fell asleep without too much struggle.

Anyway - just a nice, everyday evening.