We've finally recovered from our 2 week trip out to California.  Such a good time, so many fun memories - extra special getting to meet Ilsa Zuzu!  Besides two nights camping at San Onofre to celebrate her baptism, we really didn't do anything other than hang out with family and a few friends.  Well and eat really well, of course :)

This was Ruth on the way to the airport at 4am - she was such a star!! She literally didn't cry until we were on our way to Orange County from LAX.  She nursed to sleep a couple times and once in the sling [which she now hang out of like a hammock-chair].  I was so worried about her.. when of course it was the 3.5 year old I should have been worried about.

First play times with little Zuzu.

Uncles and nieces

trying for an artistic shot of the baby on the anthropologie couch :)

Ruthie, Lola and Great Granny (102!)

I love seeing babies together :)

This is what I would love to do on a regular basis!

Auntie J and Uncle Ben's chickens:

Swiss Family Robinson showing out on the front lawn one night - preceded by In 'n' Out burgers+fries.

Weekend at San Onofre for Zuzu's baptism:

so cute to see them sleeping together :) [wasn't without some trying nights!]

waiting for our burritos - Edie loves babies:

watching Fantastic Mr. Fox - fun movie, if a bit over their heads...

plane ride home - this one had near meltdowns on the way there and back.  The first was clearly due to our 6am departure... the second, well she was just being difficult. Not much you can do on an airplane which makes it a little hard, but to be honest I kind of didn't care what people were thinking.  I tried to just remain calm myself and wait it out, give her a talking-to later.  It's key I think to make sure she's rested and eating well... never again will I schedule a 6am flight!

still fits in the peanut shell ... well with her legs spilling over the side :)

trying to get a cousin shot in their pretty dresses - last day at Laguna Beach:

Night out with these guys - poke bowls and bowling.  We also went out with them the first week to an amazing fine-dining Mexican place in Orange Circle - I miss Mexican food so much!!

Me and Zuz:

Rosie has the touch with babies:

I didn't get any pictures of our time with Megan and her kids - look at the Walla's blog on the side if you want to see! We had such fun with them - it makes my heart a little achy when I get to spend time with good friends like that - just wishing we lived close and could get together whenever :(