*adios kindergarten

Vera is just growing and growing, we can't stop it :(  

This was a field trip to a nature museum that I chaperoned - she was so excited to have me there.

last day of kindergarten! she had a really nice teacher who I think helped her transition well. Her class was very sweet and seemed to get along great. Her teacher said it was one of her best classes ever - sometimes the whole group would break out into song together while they did their work!

*Grandpop's visit

I feel like I'm falling behind here. I keep seeing this adorable photo of Mike and the girls from his trip out in June and just love it so much and don't want to forget to post it. How cute is Edie looking up at her Grandpa??? He came out to see the Angels play the Red Sox... the first game was rained out but thankfully we were able to get to the reschedule the next day. It was really a fantastic weekend having him here and we hope it is a common occurrence :)

We took the ferry up to Boston and went to see the USS Constitution again.

Dinner at our favorite seafood place here in our town.

Have I mentioned my new favorite thing is crab cake sandwiches?? So delicious, especially at this restaurant. Super savory, a little spicy, nice chewy roll and onion rings alongside. It hits the spot.  Someone pointed out the crabs may not be local... maybe Maryland? Oh well :)

Have I also mentioned the girls love clam chowder??? Like really really love it.  Edie has an inadvertent [can't pronounce her 'r's] Boston accent and calls it chowda.

Such a fun stadium! Angels lost, but I was ok with rooting for the home team :) Sorry, Caters.... 



I bought Vera a chinese jump rope a few weeks ago - she loves it!! I can't wait for her to take it to school! [tho I wouldn't be surprise if her crazy principal deemed it unsafe] 

 Anyway, I just love this picture of her little legs, shoes untied, messy leggings, probably some holes in the knees... childhood :)