*La Pascua 2015

We have really loved our (3!) Easters here in Boston.  Park Street is such a wonderful church and Easter Sunday is just glorious.  Beautiful orchestra, choir and hymns, gorgeous flowers, special treats passed around after the service. It's not a 'show' though in any way - it's a genuine and heartfelt celebration of the resurrection of Christ and what that means for us.  It looks sunny in the pictures, but it was freezing and so after church we headed home to decorate and quickly hunt for eggs. We later had a nice dinner with our small Bible study group.

Ruth was so enthralled by the music and singing - at one point she looked like a little composer with her arms in the air.

This was the little coat and bonnet I wore when I was about 18 months old.  See pictures of of both me and Vera wearing the coat here.

The wool coat I'm wearing here was my mom's from the 60s!

love this one:

she was so cute - a little young to get it, but super fun to watch.

I took about 60 pictures to get a decent one. Ben was making faces behind me here:

other attempts to get a picture in their sweet matching dresses:

Percy was an Easter addition this year. He and Trixie are so cute and close already!  Their first meeting was pretty hilarious.  Ben and I awkwardly missed an opportunity to explain where baby bunnies come from.  [Percy came to us fixed btw though I kind of wish we could have babies!!]



Some favorite moments of our almost 14 month old from the last week or two:

first time with play-dough. she put it in her mouth repeatedly for the first five minutes but finally seemed to get the picture that it's just for play.

going for a soulemama look this day:

she climbs right into the lockers at the Y:

she likes seeing her face on the phone screen :)

we went to a 'maple sugarhouse' this weekend... Ruth loved the chickens they had!  It's been so fun watching her rediscover the outdoors now that Spring is here.

watching her sisters play down in the yard:

She had fun today with Edie, Isaac and Finn playing in the driveway with mud and melting snow: