*right now?

I've been thinking how I want to make some doll clothes, but just haven't got around to it.  So today she needed help putting her baby's pants on and I said, do you want me to make her a skirt someday?  And she said with butterflies on it?? Right now??!  And I thought a second [I was lying on the couch reading a magazine].... well why not?  I happen to have some fabric with butterflies on it and in like 20 minutes had made simple little elastic skirts for Bunny and Baby!  So easy.  

I've tried to do that lately - if I'm not doing anything and have the time, why not just do something when I think of it??  Otherwise it takes me about 6-12 months to accomplish anything.  I recently made finger puppets one afternoon [like FIVE minutes] and some of these fun drawings - when the idea occurred to me and the supplies were handy.  Beats having a millions lists lying around that will never get looked at twice!  



Vera and Stella have gone through many phases of getting along - good and bad.  We're in a really good one right now.  They totally act like siblings, slyly pushing each other over in the stroller, telling me "she looked at me/she touched me!" etc., usual problems with wanting the toy the other one has, etc.  In between the minimal sibling-like drama they have so much fun together, loving to make silly faces + noises, dancing, singing, hugging each other [mostly Vera trying to see if she can make them fall down] and lately some pretend play together [Stella is still a lot younger, but still tries her best.  Have I mentioned that she is quite the precocious child?  She knows ALL the words to Sound of Music, Annie, and countless other songs.  It's crazy].  It's been a great experience watching another child, having the opportunity for Vera to learn to share her things and her time as well as just developing a solid little friendship.

::little doctors::


::falling down::

::some halloween costumes we had in the closet::



I was eating my muffin this morning and looked over and noticed this adorable little sprout!  I'm so excited!!  I saved the seeds from this really cool heirloom pumpkin my sister had at Thanksgiving and wasn't sure if it would work.  I guess this still doesn't necessarily mean it will produce pumpkins right?  Anyway I haven't planted seeds indoors since like 4th grade science, so this was really exciting :)



I love to think in terms of percents - and today I'm at 10 weeks which means I'm 25% through this pregnancy!  Thank you all for your sweet congratulatory comments :)

Some [honest] thoughts on it all:

::I feel very lucky in that I haven't been that sick - just a little bit here and there if I need to eat something.  Also super-tired in the afternoons, but I've even seen a lot of increase in energy in the last week.  I have had a bit of insomnia, lying awake for a couple hours in the early morning which isn't fun.

::At first, though I was excited, I was actually more anxious than anything.  Anxious because I'm afraid of the end of pregnancy when things are hurting and miserable, anxious about how I've already gained a ton of weight, anxious because I will probably have another enormous baby (V was 9lb 5oz), anxious about the delivery which did not go as I'd hoped, really anxious about the recovery - last time it was a literal war zone down there, and especially anxious about where this baby will sleep/nap in this small house and how it will affect Vera's sleep.  How's that for being positive?  :)

::Ben finally got through to me one day when he put his head down on my tummy and said "hi!" - wait a minute, this isn't a pregnancy, a birth, a hundred or so stitches, this is another CHILD. of OURS. that as hard as it is to fathom, we will love just as much as we do his/her big sister.  And so I started to get more excited and started to let some of the anxiety go.  I'm trying to pray a lot and think very positively, know that everything will be ok - that my feet won't stay swollen, that the pain will go away, that our kids will learn to sleep, etc. [tho I would appreciate any advice from any of you moms of 2!] 


*a first

Just like Mimi!

She's come a long way - you might remember this video



I've overheard Vera talking/yelling in her sleep 3 different times.  How funny it would be to see inside her 2 year old little psyche :)

1. "noooo, puppies, nooooooo!!!!!"  

2. "no, my cookie!  myyyyy coooookiieeee!!!"

3. "read THIS!"



As much as I miss and love San Diego's perfect-all-the-time weather, there is nothing like the pure joy and happiness at the beginnings of Spring.  Seriously you just feel so HAPPY to be out in the warm sunshine, watching the tulips creep higher and higher, the grass get greener and greener... I LOVE IT.  It's been perfect timing too - 3 days ago in the afternoon I realized hey... I'm not tired!  and I'm not having to eat every 20 minutes!  Looking forward to getting off the couch and outside :)



Ben and I are in awe and in love with our ever-growing and changing little girl who dresses herself, goes to the bathroom by herself [we're trying underwear tonight!! fingers crossed] and is able to talk and reason more every day. My goodness she loves to remind us that she's a big girl.  She'll even tell me that I am - wow, Mom, you did the dishes??  That's a big girl!   

The last couple weeks she's starting going to the big kid Sunday school at church all by herself.  The pastor has the kids all sit on the steps for a mini sermon [really deep, of course] before they head off to their classes.  The first time she did it by herself was when there was a baptism - all the kids watched the new baby welcomed as part of the church.  I specifically remember when she was baptized, thinking how one day she would be big enough to sit there on those steps.  And now she is!!  It blows my mind.  Our hearts just swelled with adoration this morning as the pastor called the kids forward and she jumped up and ran down the aisle by herself, and then later on to class among all the older kids - looking a little lost and overwhelmed but confident at the same time.  A month ago she would be hysterical if I attempted to leave her in the nursery during church, now she does it all my by self.  Just a little moment I want to remember.



I keep wanting to share my hummus recipe because, well, I think it's pretty amazing :)  It's basically Ina Garten's with a few changes to my liking:

1 can garbanzo beans [don't buy yucky cheap ones, it makes a difference!]
3 Tbs water from the beans
1/3 cup tahini
1.5 tsp kosher salt
juice of 1 lemon
8 *dashes* tabasco or other hot sauce
2 cloves garlic [or more if you love it, I don't]

Blend all the above in a Cuisinart and then add a stream of olive oil with the machine on, like with pesto.   Add just as much as you want to make the consistency you like.  Yummmm...

...she loves it, I promise...


*little bead

I heard a little heartbeat loud and clear yesterday!
8 weeks along: due October 16



Vera often lives in a bit of a fantasy world inspired by her books and movies - Cinderella being one of her favorites.  She's always talking about dancing with princes and her fairy godmother giving her a beauuuuu-ful new dress because her stepsisters 'grabbed' hers. This little scene was cuter/less show-offy the first time she did it, but of course I didn't have the camera handy.


We're in such a fun, great stage right now.  The daily tantrums of January were I think her just getting used to not napping and now she *usually* makes it to her 7:30 bedtime without an out-of-nowhere meltdown.  Seriously it is so much fun having a little pal who I can talk and joke and reason and play with.  I love you sooo much Vera!