Some moments I want to remember::

Edie lying on the ground coloring - the Beatles' "Blackbird" came on Pandora and she said out loud in a heartfelt way, "I love this song."

Vera, home sick today, offering to read How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Edie on the couch.

Ruth, almost 10 months, trying out language over the last few weeks - it's so amazing!!! I told her today to say "up!" and she's been saying "ptttt"and or just smiling like, I know you want me to say it but I'm not gonna :)  She also calls me bababobobo which is slowly evolving into mamama. It's so sweet and seriously adorable, I can't stand it.  One night when I went in to feed her in the wee hours, she was standing in her crib saying bababa and then when I picked her up she kept saying hahh hot! and holding up her little hands.

Edie's expression the other night when I read her Where the Wild Things Are for the first time ever - priceless!