*10 months


loves mangos, bananas, yobaby and mac+cheese
always has her tongue sticking out
standing well, no steps
high pitched screams when she wants something
2 good naps every day
always making noise
loves to be naked and go nuts on our bed after bath
waves bye-bye and claps
cuter and cuter

[it was sounding like a haiku, so i made it look like one :)]


*chester copperpot

From this weekend: looking out over the Oregon coastline. I made a mental note right then to watch the Goonies when we got home. We did last night and it was just as amazing as I remembered. The crazy thing was I'd never seen the beginning! I'm pretty sure it was the first movie we ever recorded onto our brand-new VCR back in eighty-something. So I didn't know there was a prison break and a car chase and there were a few more dirty words than I remembered. But I LOVED IT.



yeah, just try to take this cellphone away from me


We got to spend the weekend in Portland with Matty [thanks Mike & Rosie!]. Had a great time just hanging out. I think that's what I say after every trip - the best part is just spending time with people you love, no? Matty was an excellent tour guide with our days revolving around where we ate [as it should be]. I always imagined him being the favorite/crazy uncle and it seems to be the case - Vera loved him. He did sit on the toilet and play the accordion for her during her bath.


loved his apartment:

rainy rainy:

at the taquería:

ben claimed matty was being "owned" here:


see the two specks? ben and matty:


*from mother's day

{hours past her bedtime, this baby wanted her momma.  i savored the moment.}


*mmm peas



Well it's worked: Vera loves bunny. Following Elizabeth Pantley's advice, I introduced Vera to her 'lovey.' At first I couldn't tell if she was attached, but more and more it's clear that she loves her bunny. I like to think that he's [yes the pink bunny is a he. It just happened. Ben doesnt' like it :)] helped her sleep so well when we're out of town and helped her calm down when she's really upset. Every time I go pick her up from her nap she's still clutching him and will hold on until she's fully recovered from her sleepy state. She'll put him out repeatedly so I can kiss him and then I make him kiss her cheek too; she loves it. And I love seeing her attached to him - more evidence that she's becoming a little person.



I was just sitting here on our couch thinking about the other day, how happy and simple our life is here... which led me to think about the horrific things happening in the world - especially in China and Myanmar. People who are already downtrodden and struggling then struck with such horrible tragedy. It's hard to comprehend. Anyway, I know there are lots of places to help, here's where I did.


*perfect summer day (minus the beach)

A full satisfying day yesterday: I went through Vera's drawers and set a lot aside for an upcoming yard sale, did five loads of laundry, switched our sheets from flannel to crisp whites, went for a family walk through the park - filled with people eager to be in the sunshine too, planted some 'blue fescue' in the front while Ben planted lilacs in the back, went for a [short] run, cut some flowers from the garden and then sat down to our favorite summer meal.



Is that how you spell that? On Saturday I came home at noon and told Ben we should do something fun that day. He said let's do something craaazy. There was a [relative] deal on tickets and so by 5:00 we were on a plane to Orange County! We surprised his mom and dad which was so much fun. I love surprises - they're one of my most favorite things. Ben had to come home Monday, but I was able to stay and visit. We had a GREAT time just spending time with everyone. Really, I feel very lucky to have all these amazingly fun trips.

traveling light::

walks with grandpop::

on the front lawn with lola [grandma in filipino :)] and auntie j::

thinking it's really funny to mess up mommy's hair::

lovin' uncle matty::

looking at uncle ben's fishes. check out the crazy eyebrow::

Monday we drove up to LA to visit Auntie Sarah [so happy :)]. I've never seen Verah so silly - she's really starting to understand how cute she is::

[by the way I can't stand the spacing on blogspot. it really frustrates me and I wish this all came out looking more balanced. ayay]



I'm out of town and don't have a picture to share, but I've been thinking about Mother's Day [obviously] and wanted to write down some thoughts::

I love being Vera's mom. [mom?! I can't believe I'm a mom.]
I love when she leans her head against me when I read her a story.
I love when she reaches her little arms to be picked up.
I love that I can comfort her when she falls, when she bumps her head, when she's hungry, when she's tired.
I love when I enter the room and she takes off crawling towards me.
I love to rub her little back when I put her down to sleep.
I love to see her love her daddy.
I love to imagine her walking and talking.
I love her little hands busily exploring something new.
I love her long little toes.
I love dressing her up.
I love picking her up after a nap and feeling her sleepy little head nuzzle against me.
I love watching her face light up when daddy gets home.
I love when she wrinkles her nose.
I love making her laugh.
I love playing around and finding her ticklish spot of the day.
I love nursing her before bed [I know I shouldn't be doing that still...] and having the last little cuddle.
I love to imagine who she'll be and how our relationship will look as she grows up.

*sigh* I love my little baby.


*grandma sheila

My mom was here this week helping out. As always such an easy guest. We did some gardening [she was a lot more motivated than me to get out there] - replacing the lawn in the little front strip with plants that don't need so much water. I feel very blessed to have the mother that I do and am constantly aware of how much she did for us growing up. It's a humbling thing being a mom myself now and having such an example to live up to. With God's grace :)



Ben turned in his last projects for the semester this week and last night we celebrated with a delicious dinner and a [couple] bottle[s] of amazing wine. He hasn't had a break for a long long time and I'm so glad he has a restful and fun [Portland, Tahoe, Rock Creek, baby daughter...]summer ahead of him.

...and I had fun taking pictures of our meal: carmelized shallot bruschetta with goat cheese and thyme, fresh Steelhead trout, couscous and a yummy salad. Thank you mom for the treat :)



Vera had her 9 month check-up this week. She's kind of a skinny mini right now at just 17 lbs. 3 oz. and 27.25 inches (30 and 50th percentiles). We'll just see what happens when she's allowed to eat ice cream and peanut butter.



Caught on video:

::> She has been letting go while standing, but yesterday started just popping up without any support at all! It's so crazy to see her changing from a little baby into a little person.

::> Pat the Bunny [aka Lick the Bunny] is her favorite book - I love seeing how she knows what to do on each page. She is going to be sooooooo smart.

::> After a couple months break, her little growl is back.


*los vecinos

It's been hard to meet a lot of friends in the 2 years we've been here. Two sets of neighbors though have proven to be some of our closest friends. We were invited over for a nice dinner last night which turned out to be a little belated birthday for Ben as well as an *almost* done with the semester and really just a great time. Vera sat in her little booster seat entertaining herself [and others] with spatulas, noodles and laughing/making faces at everyone for at least an hour. Usually if we have dinner with them, I go put her to bed and then we switch off hanging out/keeping watch. This time we put her to bed in their guest room [a pac-n-play for their little baby on the way...] and got to stay out like a normal couple until past 11:00!! This is huge. Anyway, we had a great time eating some delicious food, drinking wine and tequila, playing a heated game of Jenga and just enjoying a night with friends: a very rare occurence these days.

Ben had ordered an apple pie for his birthday dinner which I finally made for last night.... mmmm it was worth the wait :)



....a cute family foto from the other day.....