My mom got here Monday in preparation for baby's arrival. My midwife had hoped - because of low amniotic fluid levels as well as wanting to avoid the traumas of a ginormous baby - that I would deliver this week. Despite a few hippy-type encouragements, it looks baby is happy to wait it out and fluid levels are stable [despite one nurse telling me, oh yes they will continue to go down - you'll have her by 36 weeks]. I tried to not let myself get excited about maybe delivering early, but I went ahead and got my mind set on it :( Anyway... we have lots of projects lined up to keep the waiting time occupied. Yesterday we canned tomatoes and bought supplies for strawberry pillows. We also have a 25 lb. box of apples to make into applesauce, various other sewing projects, a house to organize and a 3 year old to keep happy [not an easy task this week]. I'm tired, but at least we're keeping things busy and that makes time go fast!


*esta semana

::some pictures from the week::

I got some cheap boring thank you cards at a yard sale and then had Vera help me paint some pink swatches to revamp them with.
Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and glued almost all of them on upside down:

The fun little pre-baby party our neighbors had for us. Slightly unfair that the table was filled with wine, mixed drinks and irresistible soft cheeses straight from her Paris trip [I couldn't not... baby and I are still ok but I feel huge anxiety and guilt every time I do that!].

neighbor friends:

What your lungs look like inside:

I'm trying to enjoy these last weeks (days? :) of showering in peace. Today she entertained herself with a picnic/feast with all her animal friends. Soon it will be back to not knowing when I am ever supposed to get ready.

el mate:

La ballena at almost 37 weeks. I'm only sharing this picture because it somehow makes me look smaller than I actually am. You should see the picture I'm not sharing that Vera took from below - yikes.


*la hadita princesa

Guess what? I'm a fairy, I help people get basil.

I'm a fairy, my name is Tinkerbell. I can make the ceiling change color, do you want to see? Black, pink, blue!

I'm such a good cooker. Did you know that? I'm a real fairy. I can fly through the sky. Look I can fly while I'm eating dinner. Don't I look lovely?

Vera start eating right now. 1....2....

Don't count! I'm a fairy and fairies eat their dinner all by themselves. [yeah right]

and on and on...

At first I thought it was cute - ah 3 year olds and their adorable imaginations and conversations. Then it started getting old. Then I started losing patience. O-KAY I get it, you're a fairy, eat your freaking dinner before I lose my mind.



We spent a day and a night up in the mountains with some friends this weekend. It was so nice to get out of town, up into the cool air and to see the changing leaves. I am pretty useless now and mostly sat - in the cabin and in the canoe. I was surprisingly comfortable though and even had the best night's sleep in weeks. We're both kind of home-bodies and but I would really like to get out like this more! No more excuses.
she loves to fish!

little friends



Vera is sooo excited to be a big kid in preschool!! She's been talking about it for at least a year, every time a school bus passes the house. I didn't think we'd actually send her to one because it costs money [which we don't have] and because it's easy enough to teach your child things at home. But we came across an opportunity at a creative arts preschool here where I volunteer for half the time for half the cost. We of course have yet to see how it works with the baby, but I think it'll be fine. This first week I don't have to help though and I'm glad as it gives her a chance to just establish herself. She has always told me someday she's going to school BY HERSELF and that I CANT COME. It's so fun and cute to see her excitement and to afterwards hear about her day :) It's also so amazing to have some time to myself!!! Tuesday I went for a long walk with my friend... and then was almost too tired to do anything else except tidy up the house. Today I plan to can some tomatoes, freeze some raspberries and green beans and clean the toilets. and then lay down and rest for a bit. WoohoO!!

[Jenny has some cute pictures of what they do at school]



Vera couldn't eat her oatmeal this morning because...

1) it made her neck hurt.

2) her hands were too cold.

3) it made her mouth hurt like when popsicles are already gone.


*las siestas

Vera's naps always gave me so much anxiety. Taping the curtains against the frame, noise machines, swaddling, binkies, trying to find that perfect sleepy moment, consistency - all for a 15-18 minute nap.

Now I don't want her to nap [because if she does, she won't go to bed till like 11:00 or who knows when], yet she'll fall asleep with the lights on, windows open, having just eaten candy, no white noise, me walking in and out, timer going off - you name it. So not fair.



This has been on my long list of things to do/make before the baby comes. As usual it took me a couple weeks to get the fabric, an afternoon to look up the pattern and then it sat in the living room for a few days waiting for "enough time" or for me to "feel like it" - which never happens. But yesterday Vera saw the fabric and said, let's make a sling! (I'd been telling her I would)

So in literally no time at all I had made this cute little pouch sling for her! Seriously it amazes me every time how much you can get done if you just decide to do it right then and there.

She mostly holds Bunny, but Baby even got a little ride too. You can't tell in the picture, but the outside is cute peach+pink flowers and the inside is light blue pinstripes, all with orange stitching. Both fabrics were sheets from the thrift store - I love making things from thrifted sheets because there's a lot less pressure to not mess up!

I can't wait 'till Baby comes and we can both wear our slings to the Farmer's Market - so hip.



Helping me cook last night - she had a polite conversation with each tomato:

Excuse me, can I get washed?

Yes, you may.


This 3 year old...

::is still telling everyone she "already had her birthday" and that she's THree. Yes, starting to say her "th"s right :( If she sees something she wants me to buy she'll say we should get it for her other birthday.

::spends most of her time dancing, singing to herself [has a new one she made up about "you're breaking my hea-ar-ar-ar-art"], dressing up, putting animals and babies to bed, cooking in her kitchen, wanting me to read her stories and play doctor or "let's pretend I'm the Mama and you're the Little Girl" [this one can go on forever].

::favorite books are Pinkalicious, Skippy Jon Jones, Hiawatha, Dogger, Little Pea, Dr. Seuss, Fancy Nancy, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Where the Wild Things Are...

::is having a hard time going to bed and wakes up 3-4 times between midnight and morning. I'm trying to get back on a schedule and not let her nap - I think it will clear up the problem. The last two nights have been successful!

::is a difficult little eater. Unless it's a dessert, yogurt, pancakes, certain pasta dishes or eggs I have to either "count to 3" for every bite or feed it to her myself. She'll try at least a bite of most things and seems to like to show off/please Tia or another friend, showing her that she "looooves squash/cucumbers, etc." even though she does not.

::loves tasks. Her Sunday school teachers say she is really focused and I know she would love to go to a Montessori school. She's starting a creative arts preschool though in 2 weeks which I know she'll love as well :)