I was just talking with a friend today about our blog and thought I should post some random moments from the last few weeks. Life has been busy and exhausting lately, but with sunny days, snow melting and a pause in illnesses we are feeling so much better!!

Sometimes Ruth gets tired of being held and hugged:

Ruth and her sweet little friend, Iris. Shortly after this photo, Iris put Lion's paw in her mouth and reacted with the most hilarious look of disgust - it was so funny :)


Grandpop and Lola gave them tickets to see the Wild Kratts Live for Christmas - it was such a fun outing!! Elaine slept over that weekend and we could get her a ticket too.

Vera has been wanting a special picture of her and Trixie - like one she had with Eloise. Trixie is growing on me - she's such a gentle and sweet bunny!

Ruth is growing and changing so much. She has lots of little 'plans' - for some reason she likes to put the wooden ice cream cones on these stools and push them around.

Edie is in a major puzzle phase. She does these four puzzles from Melissa like six times a day.