*I ♥ quiet time

One of the things I love about quiet time now as opposed to nap time is that I don't have to wait until she's tired!  Today I was trying to watch soccer online and she was a little squirmy, so I said all right let's go, quiet time!  I put her down, took a minute to make my [[[gooool chile just now!]]]] favorite summer meal and am enjoying some time to myself.

Ok, obviously half time is over....


*more daddy/daughter

Vera is really preferring her daddy lately. She's pretty spoiled as he often studies here during the day and she can go visit him in his office whenever she wants [nice for me too :)].  A week or two ago at bedtime she took his face in her hands and said in a serious voice, "Daddy, if you get lost, I will find you.  It's because I love you."




I discovered The Purl Soho and it's really inspiring and really well-done blog The Purl Bee a short time ago and have become fully obsessed. Oh I wish I had a million dollars to spend - and a million hours to make things. I go back often to browse fabrics and try to justify why I need to buy them. I also need to share some of them with someone, so here you go! The *** below the picture is where I found it. Most (all?) of these are Japanese and I love and want them!!!

[I'll never forget the Spanish word for fabric, tela. On my way into the Spanish AP test I asked my friend how it went and she whispered "tela - it means cloth!" I went in and found 50% of the test was to narrate a story laid out in pictures in front of me of a woman buying some cloth. I must have said tela 100 times. I'm such a cheater. ]



Happy Father's Day Ben! You're an amazingly devoted dad and I love how much Vera lights up when you come home, how she loves to play with you and laugh and just be with you. My favorite recent memory is when you arrived later to a neighbor's bbq and she couldn't stop hugging you and exclaiming, my daddy! it's MY dadddy! my daaaaaaaadddy! - looking around all the while to see if everyone else was as ecstatic as she was that you were there.  I love how she calls you her *best boy* and says that, "my prince's name is my Dad."  She sure loves her Dad-o.


*dressing up

"Here comes a prin-cess!!"

A little more recorded conversation as the she was heading out the door, including my current favorites - "what been you doing?" and "I don't know!" :

"Bye darling, I'm going to class and a fancy restaurant!"

*Dr. Grandpop

Ben's dad visited over the weekend and we had a great time as usual. He brought his stethoscope which was really fun. Playing doctor is one of her faavorite things to do and she tells me at least every day that she doesn't feel good and needs to "go at the doctor." I usually just tell her we'll call Dr. Grandpop to see what he thinks.

We also visited the dinosaur museum which was really amazing!! As girly and princessy as she is, she also loves dinosaurs. She was even able to point out a few different species - which we can thank Dinosaur Train on PBS for :)

Modeling a gift from Lola while we watched World Cup:


*little foodie

I regret not having more video of Vera's stages of talking - I've already forgotten what she sounded like a year ago! I recorded this little conversation yesterday. She had the idea to put her babies to bed and then come sit up on the couch to read a magazine. It's definitely long and probably boring to anyone else, but I'm glad I have it. Maybe she'll be a successful food writer someday [aren't our kids supposed to fulfill our dreams?] and we can show her this :)



I had a burst of productivity in the last few weeks and am excited to keep checking things off the list of things to get done. Getting to publish it to the blog is like checking it off twice :)

First I FINALLY put photos in our wedding album!!! I felt this huge pressure about it because it's a wedding album and should be perfect and a friend had given us this beautiful book, but I wasn't pleased with hardly any of our pictures [have shed more than a few tears over this]. It's not perfect and some of my spacing is off, but it is done and feels so good!

it keeps rotating my picture the wrong way!
I also finished these placemats that were supposed to be a Christmas gift for my parents. It took me forever to go to the store [JoAnn's is like 20 minutes away - way too far], then it took me forever to cut it all out and piece together the sides. Then I ironed it all [oops, wrong order] and discovered they were all like 2 inches different on all sides. So it took me forever to iron all the seams, and sew them together. I finally set a goal of doing just one a day and miraculously all 10 are now finished!

Next on my list to finish before July:

*two frameable birthday gifts [have to be vague]

*some more gifts involving fabric from this most amazingly wonderful store.

*Vera's baby book - bought the blank album finally!

*figure out how to not get further screwed by my crappy insurance and finally call them.

*something else I can't remember....


*fin de semana

...Various moments from the weekend...

At the community pool with Daddy:

In the middle of all the big kids singing at church. I love to just watch her:

A push-up (that's what it's called right?) at the church picnic:

Me in a futile attempt to keep her shirt clean. the neon colors in those popsicles scare me:

This big girl got completely dressed and made her own bed today!

Teaching bunny to color:

playing in the water with her little neighbor friend (8 years old):

a good old-fashioned summer weekend.
now if it would just stay this temperature! no hotter please.


*V for VERA

Vera has long been obsessed with the letter V and finds it all over the place - not just in words, but the intersection of twigs, lines in the pavement: you name it. I found this letter-writing practice the other day on the blackboard - I didn't know she could do it on her own!



We had a really nice, slow day - going to the library in the morning and then an afternoon of contented playing inside and out. She was especially loving - lots of heartfelt, unprompted I love you Mamas and hugs [tho' when I asked why she colored on her table, she said "because I love you Mama" - hm, doesn't work]. After her picnic here on the hottest spot of the driveway - in her fleece - she finally consented to join me in the shade. She sat quietly with Bunny and Monkey on her lap listening to birds and the breeze in the trees while I read my book. One of those days I realize over and over that I am in love with this child.


*mi niña

Sometimes I worry Vera seems so "secular" and consumer-minded - as in she loves princesses, all-pink clothes, the Pottery Barn kids catalogue, the first thing she tells you is "I got a new __scooter, sunglasses, etc.__!" and she's always telling me we should "buy/get one of those." I know it's just her personality though, and most of it is probably my self-consciousness about not her not being a 100% little nature child with artistic tastes [not that I'd want her all that way! maybe just a little bit more. she does hold worms now, right? and she loves to read.].
Anyway, I'll see her doing something along these lines and think wow, this is so not-Soulemama. I often mentally categorize snapshots of our day into yes or no-Soulemama moments. Like digging in the garden - yes. Looking for baby animals burrows on a hike - yes. Disney princesses - no. Hello Kitty paraphernalia - no. Terrible of me, I know! Kind of funny though - Ben joins in sometimes too.

Here is one [there was a similar shot I had but she was wearing a hot pink Hello Kitty tutu - how S-Mama is that??] from the other day. She was playing with her [awful, hand-me-downed] My Little Ponies, singing a funny made-up tune something along the lines of: "I need make-up, make-up, make-up on my faaaace! I need make-up on my boooo-dy, on my boooottom.. lalalala" Oh my, this is my little girl :)

*if you're unfamiliar with SouleMama, she's like the quintessential natural living, forest galavanting, un-schooling, cloth-diapering hippie Mama. I hope I don't get people googling her critics, ending up here...