*dia de la madre

Here we were on Mother's Day. After church we got some takeout and picnicked up in Boston Common. Later we came home and just hung out - Ben took Ruth on an errand and I cleaned out the stuff at the top of the stairs. Not very glamourous but exactly what I wanted to get done!

 I love my little family of girls - and their good Dadda :) This work of being a mom is hard.  I look at our own moms and friends of mine who are moms, friends' moms [including *but not limited to* Rosie, Sheila, Marilyn, Joyce, Jenny, Megan, Beth, Jessie, Allison, Syndi, Laura ...] and find so much inspiration. Moms who have no end to their creativity, their energy, their sacrifice, their pleasant demeanor, their *fun* attitude, their affection, motivation, capability in keeping a peaceful and beautiful home, commitment to raising kids who love Jesus.  Anyway, praying daily that God would help me with more patience, more gentleness, more joy. I want more than anything a peaceful, Christ-centered home and a good, strong relationship with my daughters.



Just some pictures from the last few weeks.  I keep wanting to post things here, but like I said I am feeling rather tired and dull and I just haven't had the energy.  My brain feels frazzled and the thought of planning dinner and a trip to the grocery store sends it reeling.  I keep forgetting where I am in a conversation and have trouble finding the word I need - serious cognitive issues :)  Ok, it's not always all that bad, but really... I can't wait to get a couple good sleeps in a row.  Please, baby Ruth!

Anyway here we are at Flour Bakery on Ben's birthday.  
I miss having a place like this within walking distance.  Afterward we went to a really fun playground next door - nice little family time.

Vera's homework time was getting out of hand - Edie was so excited to have her back home that she wouldn't leave her alone. Super frustrating. So the other day at Target I let her pick out her own coloring book with some new crayons. They stay up high in a cupboard until homework time.  It's worked really well!  Hopefully the excitement of it won't wear off until school's out. [end of June!]  I should have done something like this months ago.

little cutie here dressing up today. I'm having to come up with all sorts of tricks and bribes lately to get them to cooperate lately. sigh. I'm trying to grow her bangs out but she resists me putting it back. From now on, no tv until she has her hair back. I also just decided [30 minutes ago] no breakfast until their pajamas are put away. Am I the only one who has to resort to these things?

we dressed Ruthie up too for a minute:

silly faces:

Outing to the post office. Ruth was in the Bjorn - it was a little stressful hoping she wouldn't cry and  making sure Edie didn't go too fast or too far, but we made it and had a fun time. They were so cute scooting along.

*Ruthie - 3 months old

I feel like we are finally slowly emerging from the newborn fog with Ruth now 3 whole months old.   She is still hard to figure out sometimes, but I think we are rounding a corner and can start working again on a rhythm.  We kind of had one the last couple months but something over the last week changed and we are starting anew.  I really feel so much better with a semi-predictable routine and rhythm to our days and it's been hard not having that. She's still taking like 6+ mini naps - sometimes I think I am getting better at knowing which nap was really the end of the one before it, but like I said she is hard to figure out and I often have no idea if she's tired or hungry or tummy-aching. It's really frustrating and I feel like a failure - I mean shouldn't I know by now?? I felt like I was more in tune with the other two.  Who knows.  I'm pretty tired [still not sleeping great].  I seem to have no way with words lately, so if this seems choppy or you talk to me in person and I seem a little dull, this is why!!  How's that for a positive report? :)

Anyway she is a cute, squishy little thing and just loves all the attention from us all.  She coos and  babbles a lot and really loves to be talked to. Today in the car I was even able to talk her out of crying from the front seat!  Yesterday I got a good rolling giggle out of her [by bouncing her on my knee and telling her she's chubby:)] - the longest laugh yet.  Isn't it addictive? You just want to hear it over and over.  She's discovered her toes and is starting to see her hands, bringing whatever's in them to her mouth. She drools like crazy - like 3 bibs a day.

I love her so much - my favorite is laying her down on a blanket or the bed, talking with her and nuzzling my nose into her sweet tummy and neck. Just can't wait for the fussy unpredictable phase to end!

 I feel like she looks like a Ward here:


*photo shoots

I didn't have an iphone when Vera or Edie were new - so much easier now to take a bazillion pictures...

the hand shots were Vera's idea :)


*La Pascua 2014

Another glorious Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrection.  [Here was last year's]  Have I talked about how much we love our church?  I keep meaning to write about it... anyway our pastor preached another amazing sermon - about our hope in Christ.  Not a second-hand "at least we have hope" kind of hope, but the kind that fills our lives with joy, in the 'now'.  If you're the sermon-listening type, I recommend looking up some of his sermons - here is Easter Sunday's and here is the church site.

Here we are last year. Fun to think how we didn't know we'd have another little girlie with us a year later! and yes, I wore the exact same thing:

It was a pretty busy day - starting with an overly ambitious breakfast that Ben ended up getting together because Ruthie was a being a fussy nurser.

Anyway, amidst it all I got out Easter best - I love using my china and silverware from Grandma Kay:

in the nursing room with this cutie.. I didn't get a good picture of her dress [it has pink smocking on top] which was mine as a baby!

yummy treats at church:

I had wanted a good picture of the three sisters in their Easter best - waited until the end of the day, a little too late.

I was too busy getting our stuff together for the brunch with friends to even see them hunt for eggs.  I told Vera last year there's no Easter bunny [I just wanted one holy holiday without a mascot], but she kind of believes anyway.

didn't get any pictures of our lunch with the McCoys - good food and good fellowship!

dyeing eggs earlier that week: