*back to school

We are several weeks back at school and everything is going well. In fact, Vera and Edie are geting along so much better now that they aren't together all day!  Vera started 3rd grade (!) and Edie is doing two full days of Pre-K. She turns five in October and so will go to kindergarten next year.

Here they are riding bike and scooter to Edie's first day. She is really into riding her bike lately! Not sure I documented it yet, but she's been riding without training wheels since last fall!  It's so freaking cute to watch her pedal along.

I love to see the outfits they choose for themselves :)  Vera's top I actually hid under a pile of laundry because it's not my favorite, but she found it! haha.  She got glasses the week before school started. She was soo excited about them and couldn't wait to show her friends.


Jenny said...

Edie's outfit is so cute, I can't even handle it!! So glad things are going well...love all of you so much! Jen

Elizabeth Ward said...

these are so cute! How come you didn't write about YOU going back to school?

jfoster said...

What's the age cut off there for Kindergarten?? Reagan is doing Pre K to at St. Teresa's. They are going to be such leaders in their classes. Good call, mama! Love the outfits for the first day. Edie looks so grown up now, crazy! Beauties!!

jfoster said...

Cut off here is Sept 30th. Reagan is the same, a bit shy, well much more shy when compared to big sister. I'm happy with our choice, it was much easier the second time around, I just knew. I promised myself that I would not wavier, no matter who was going to Kinder and I stuck with it. She is perfectly placed as I am sure Edie is. Pick up the book -Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell it's an easy read and a great resource. New house is up in Lakeview, it's awesome. Deer, rabbits, lizards, rattlesnakes, it's a real adventure. There was a bear last year and a couple of bobcats a few years ago. It is fun, more space inside & out. We are happy and feel very blessed. Safe travels to California. Would love to catch up next time! Girls look great! Hope all else is well, love to all!