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We continue to adore little Ruth who has a big, loud and funny personality.  I just wanted to note some of my favorite things about her - like I used to do with Vera and Edie on a more regular basis!  

 [on the chairs in harvard yard]

 [first pigtails the other day!]

[she wanted the phone, I wanted the picture of her green sweater]

[I think Edie took this one telling Ruth to smile]

At about 20something months...

When I put her down for bed we read a book, I hold+snuggle her a minute like a baby and then tell her that, "Mommy loves you and Jesus loves you" and then lay her down, tuck her in, tell Lion goodnight etc. She often gets really sad and puts out the cutest little pouty lip and but doesn't shed tears, just tells me in a shaky voice, "bye." If I tell her during the day that "Mommy loves you and Jesus loves you," she immediately gets her little sad face. It's so stinking cute.

She yells "HEY!!!" a lot. Like if people are playing at the playground which is usually vacant. If someone brushes by and touches her arm. If someone steals from her plate. For any reason, really.  I am always telling her to be nice and that it's ok if they do that.  

She has begun to say "ooooh yeaya!!" a lot. Like this morning she wanted her bread right away and I said, "see? We have to put it in the toaster. "OOoohhh YEAYA!"

She is really really loud and always yelling, screeching, hollering etc. Our poor neighbor dog is so scared of her!  If someone or something else is loud she puts her hands over her ears.  When she yells that she wants something I tell her to say it nicely and she knows to lower her voice and make it sound sweet (even if her words don't make sense), it's so cute.

She has made up signs for a few words on her own - dark (she made this one up on the way home from CA in August), digger (she loves cars and construction machinery!) and spoon (she raises her arm and says "poop" and then we all crack up).  I'll have to get a video of her signs.
I'll add to this as I think of things I want to remember....

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Elizabeth Ward said...

oh my gosh. I'm regretting not coming at Thanksgiving.... But I have SW credit, and a good friend moving to Hartford so I'll be coming soon enough :)