*Christmas '15

Just documenting Christmas 2015...  It was nice to spend the holiday in our own home this year. My sister spent a week with us and we had fun getting up to Boston a couple times, attending school holiday performances, planning yummy meals, enjoying several Park Street events like the Lessons in Carols, choir performances and Christmas eve service.  It looks like this is our last year in Boston, so I was glad we were able to stay here and enjoy Christmas in the city!

making playdough animals with Aunt Liz

It took about 20 tries to get a decent picture here. Everyone was tired and grumpy...

another few tries for a family picture:

It was something like 68 degrees on Christmas Eve!!  I love a white Christmas and all, but the warmth was pretty amazing.  

The ice skating rink was more like watery slush.

Christmas Eve dinner we came home (after service) to Barefoot Contessa's Winter Minestrone and no-knead bread using the local wheat flour I ordered special. For dessert we had coconut cream pie - SO good.  Edie had a fever and ended up going to bed in the middle of dinner.  Vera took care of leaving the note and cookies for Santa :)

Christmas morning! I'm sure Ben has more pictures on his phone. Here Ben was cooking the bacon and Ruth helping me stir the batter for "David Eyre's lemon pancakes" which I had never made before (recipe from Rosie).  The girls all opened wonderful presents and spent the next 10 hours playing with their Legos, school kits, buses, airplanes, art sets...

We spent Christmas dinner with our friends, the Avalos'.  We've spent a few holidays with them now and really enjoy their company so much.  Anyway, it was a wonderful and memorable Christmas!

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