Just some daily life.  We sent Vera off to school with our across-the-street neighbors this morning as I've been doing a little more frequently.  A combination of using pregnancy as an excuse [I really could make the 8 minute walk], it being 24 degrees and the fact that I stayed up until 1am watching Love Actually last night [I knew I'd pay for it]. After watching just a little too much TV [Daniel Tiger and Strawberry Shortcake], Edie got busy playing. Here in the photo she said, "Bye!! Aftah wok I'm going to New Hampshah! I'll be back at thoty-nine!"  Earlier she told me a random story about a worm on the stairs, saying, "Dad hot the wom. He hot the wom because he didn't want it theyah." [Ben doesn't remember this story about hurting a worm.]  She spent the next hour riding to and fro on our mouse toy, spreading blankets and napkins around presumably making beds for puppy in New Hampshire. She also at one point went to visit Eloise and fill her already overflowing food.

Now she is hopefully going to fall asleep in quiet time while I sit here and finish a Christmas gift before we go get Vera.  Oatmeal bread is in the oven and will most likely be eaten all this afternoon [don't think I do this all the time, but I'm glad I did today!]

There's a day in our life!  My favorites are the quiet ones like this at home, with nowhere to rush off to.


Taskbarge Virtual Assistant Services said...
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Jenny Hunt said...

I love when you write out her accent- so cute!! Sounds like a lovely day:) Jen