*getting ready for Christmas

Some pictures from the last few weeks getting ready for Christmas...

A little shopping at Faneuil Hall the weekend after Thanksgiving:

Went to the local Christmas parade with some good friends. It was a really sweet parade with lots of fun old cars and bands, clydesdales, clowns and not too many advertisements.

the tree:

the little bag on the left is from Edie to Vera - 2 books right off our shelves :)

little hideout for snacks and UNO:

one of many catalogues they've gone through circling, love the note :)

making Christmas cookies with some of our favorite friends:

our sweet neighbors gave us some electric candles - 
a very New Englandy thing to do apparently :)

The girls met Santa for the first time at Ben's Christmas party!  It was so cute to watch their little faces.  Both were so excited to go to a party and were serious about dressing up. Edie even had me put her hair in a ponytail - something she has never ever asked for.  

Vera at her school performance - they sang "Jolly Old St. Nicholas," but Vera insisted it was Jolly Oats St. Nicholas :)


Jenny said...

Such fun! Your house looks SO pretty all lit up.:) Love your tree too. Jen

liz said...

I loved the subtle difference in how New England decorates for Christmas. Garlands and sashes... wreaths above every single window on the colonials... :)