*día de gracias 2013

wild turkey in our backyard!


Unfortunately, I barely took any pictures this Thanksgiving! My mom was here for two weeks, and my dad one. It was fun to have them here at the new house - they really helped catch us up with a few home and craft projects. I only got one picture of my dad as he and Ben sat watching Thanksgiving Day football.  No pictures of me either - Ben took some while my mom and I cooked, but I seriously looked like a lumpy cow and will not be posting them anywhere :)

   Here's my mom with her very first task - Puppy had been slightly mauled by a friend's dog the day before. So thankful my mom is so skilled at this kind of thing! You can't even see a scar.


I thought their little outfits were so cute - they didn't even put up a fight to wear them!  I just said it would make me realllly happy.

girls had a little tea party while they waited for dinner:

Edie helping herself to Dad's turkey:

The food was so good! We stuck to the basics, but everything was homemade: brined fresh turkey, pumpkin rolls, steamed green beans, good gravy, potatoes, cranberry and stuffing exactly how I like it. Pumpkin and apple pie for dessert. I was incredibly exhausted by the time we sat down to eat - it was actually more enjoyable the second day for me.

It was a lovely holiday and we were thankful to have my parents visit!  We also welcomed our first little cousin on Ben's side two days before, making this year extra special.