*Ruth cumple DOS!


Our little Rudy is now 2!!  She is such an incredibly hilarious, loveable, adorable and very extroverted little girl, we all just love her so much.  I say that every time, but we're always so in awe of the youngest one. 

Where to start... it was a busy week with her with a birthday party, skipping naps, changing her carseat around, last day in baby nursery at church... We also started potty-training one week before her birthday and after a crazy first day and a week and a half of avoiding #2, she's doing great!!  I tried a new method which specifically didn't allow me to get angry or frustrated and I think that was the key :)  Today she said, "I need potty, I need poopoo ladda-pop in da potty", basically meaning I want that lollipop!!

Edie and Vera made her the sweetest books for her birthday... I'll have to post them here.  For Edie's we brainstormed what Ruth loves: smoothies and kefir, saying grace before dinner ["dadoo (thankyou) Dod, p(r)ay daddy, pay mama, pay Weda, pay rice, pay edie, pay beans....Amen!!!"], swings, running fast, helping to cook, winnie the pooh + daniel tiger...

She is talking SO much and I just love hearing her chat away.  I think maybe she's further along with her language than the others at this point?  Not sure, but I am totally amazed sometimes at the things she says! She has been asking "why?" for a few weeks now and seems to even understand the answer sometimes, "oh, otay!!" or if you ask her why she did something she says, "cuz.... "  A few weeks ago she would get so mad when we'd laugh at her cuteness and she'd say "thop laugh Weedy!!!" Weedy being what she calls herself :) That's about my favorite thing, I hope it lasts a little longer.  I love her exuberance too, she's always yelling "yay wahoo!! tho fun!!" even if we're just heading out in the stroller.

Here's some random photos from the last month or so...

Trying to get a picture with Mama - she was SO frustrated Ben wouldn't give her the phone.

This was very recently. I was at work and Ben was sitting close, but on the phone. She colored big circles with a red marker in about 3/4 of our downstairs!!


she likes to have me sit next to her by the fridge and read cards: "a hunny hana hono hunny. da end!"

This is a month or so old, but shows her personality!
(is the video showing up? it's not on my computer, here's the link: https://youtu.be/-rWkmYa107U )

Here is Vera at 2 and another close to her birthday. here's the one of her party. I can't believe how small they all are!! Jenny, look at that one if you are reading this:)

Edie at 2. and another at 2.

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