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I've been feeling in a lazy non-blogging sort of way lately. Not helpful is how our desktop is no longer accepting new photos! So I have to use Ben's computer [until I get around to cleaning out old files], which is obviously usually occupied by him, etc. Anyway I keep meaning to post about Vera's fun second birthday party! She's been obsessed with birthdays ever since Stella's in February [on long cartrips she likes us to sing a Happy Birthday to everyone we know] and finally had her own! She had specifically even asked for chocolate milk, chocolate cupcakes and popsicles when I asked what she wanted at the party. I am a bad bad momma and instead we had lemonade, white cupcakes with raspberry whipped cream - and apples and grapes to make me feel better about all the sugar - she didn't seem to mind :) We had just 4 of our best buddies [and parents of course] over as well as our neighbor and Ben's dad. It was so much fun! Vera looved being with all her friends at once and had such a great great time. What a fun stage this is :)

** I'm going to try to get some of Grandpop's photos because mine didn't turn out so well. ... and he got some good shots - like one of our little guests licking a cupcake off the pavement and Vera running around with a gift bag as big as herself over her head, or me licking whipped cream off my fingers :)

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Ryan. Beth. Pierce. Paige. said...

It looked and sounded wonderful! Wish we could have been there to celebrate. Happy birthday little lady!