*me two!

What a fun age this is still... I think I've been writing that since she was 10 months old.  I guess I just love the discovering the world-learning-to-play-and-talk-and-understand stage!!

This 2 year old: 

... is in a bit of a shy phase with other people. It makes me sad they don't get to hear her true jabbering, energetic, silly little self!  They ask her a question and she just stares or says the answer super quiet to me.

... had one more well-visit with Dr. Katie.  It was pretty funny - she wouldn't budge and answer a single question. Dr. Katie did elicit one awesome giggle "looking" for her hands and then tickling under her arm :)  She weighed 23 lbs (12%) and was 32.75" (22%). 

... loves "la playa" book - a bilingual story about going to the beach.  We read it every day and I try to switch to the Spanish often :)  She also loves Dogger [please get this at a library if you haven't read it!],  Are you my Mother, Panda Bear Panda Bear [I hear her reciting this one to herself], If you Give a Pig a Pancake, Little Mommy....

... loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Super Why and whatever Vera watches, though thankfully she doesn't have a long attention span yet.  She'll ask: Gickey Mouse o(n)? Check? Doc 'Suffins o(n)? Check??

... is a pro at the iphone and has been for months. so crazy.  I try to keep it out of reach but she finds a way!  They both love the Toca Boca games..

... does not have [[yet]] the huge hysterical tantrums Vera used to have.  She does sometimes SCREAM at the top of her lungs and will pull hair, hit, bite scratch if she doesn't get her way.  She does seem a little horrified afterwards and gives a sincere sorry and kisses.

... sings her ABCs about 50% correctly and counts about the same - a lot of it is just mimicking her sister : )
... wants me to sing Cristo Me Ama and You are my Sunshine at nap/bedtimes.

... is a stubborn little eater.  If she loves it, she eats a lot. If she doesn't want it, she pushes it away and says you eat it!  She loves macaroni and cheese or any pasta dish, pancakes, eggs and ketchup, anything dipped in ranch, apples, choc iclee (chocolate ice cream), shablablas (strawberries), lummy logurt (yummy yogurt), booties (pirates booty)...

... still hides Puppy in the craziest places. Just now I finally found him in a cupboard- in a pot with the lid on. She will put him in the dryer, in drawers, zipped up in a couch pillow.  Whew it is exhausting.

**here's a link to when Vera turned 2


liz said...

haha. kind of makes me sad too, wish I could be more a part of your lives as your family grows. and wouldn't mind being able to just hang out more. I think you're going to be so happy you have so well documented them in the future.

Melissa Abby said...

As much as Cale drives me crazy, I love his little 2 year old self...it's so fun when they have a bigger sibling to copy and learn from. I wish he and Edie could hang out :)