Just some pictures from the last few weeks.  I keep wanting to post things here, but like I said I am feeling rather tired and dull and I just haven't had the energy.  My brain feels frazzled and the thought of planning dinner and a trip to the grocery store sends it reeling.  I keep forgetting where I am in a conversation and have trouble finding the word I need - serious cognitive issues :)  Ok, it's not always all that bad, but really... I can't wait to get a couple good sleeps in a row.  Please, baby Ruth!

Anyway here we are at Flour Bakery on Ben's birthday.  
I miss having a place like this within walking distance.  Afterward we went to a really fun playground next door - nice little family time.

Vera's homework time was getting out of hand - Edie was so excited to have her back home that she wouldn't leave her alone. Super frustrating. So the other day at Target I let her pick out her own coloring book with some new crayons. They stay up high in a cupboard until homework time.  It's worked really well!  Hopefully the excitement of it won't wear off until school's out. [end of June!]  I should have done something like this months ago.

little cutie here dressing up today. I'm having to come up with all sorts of tricks and bribes lately to get them to cooperate lately. sigh. I'm trying to grow her bangs out but she resists me putting it back. From now on, no tv until she has her hair back. I also just decided [30 minutes ago] no breakfast until their pajamas are put away. Am I the only one who has to resort to these things?

we dressed Ruthie up too for a minute:

silly faces:

Outing to the post office. Ruth was in the Bjorn - it was a little stressful hoping she wouldn't cry and  making sure Edie didn't go too fast or too far, but we made it and had a fun time. They were so cute scooting along.

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Jenny said...

Good call on the coloring book. I've had to make a basket of all Jubilee activities for her to "work on" during school time. I put each one (lacing cards, stringing beads, peg board, coloring books, etc.) in individual zip lock bags and pull one at a time out from the closet like, "ta da! this is what you get to work on today!" Many times she says no and just wants to sit in my lap (sigh), but sometimes they are really helpful. Anyway, I feel your pain. Middle girlies. They sure are cute, though:)