*dia de la madre

Here we were on Mother's Day. After church we got some takeout and picnicked up in Boston Common. Later we came home and just hung out - Ben took Ruth on an errand and I cleaned out the stuff at the top of the stairs. Not very glamourous but exactly what I wanted to get done!

 I love my little family of girls - and their good Dadda :) This work of being a mom is hard.  I look at our own moms and friends of mine who are moms, friends' moms [including *but not limited to* Rosie, Sheila, Marilyn, Joyce, Jenny, Megan, Beth, Jessie, Allison, Syndi, Laura ...] and find so much inspiration. Moms who have no end to their creativity, their energy, their sacrifice, their pleasant demeanor, their *fun* attitude, their affection, motivation, capability in keeping a peaceful and beautiful home, commitment to raising kids who love Jesus.  Anyway, praying daily that God would help me with more patience, more gentleness, more joy. I want more than anything a peaceful, Christ-centered home and a good, strong relationship with my daughters.

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Jenny said...

First of all, why do you look SO great?! I better get in gear before your visit (don't hold your breath;)! Love this picture of you girls and love each of you so much! Thanks for the honor of being in your mama list, especially since you have known me in real, nitty gritty, non-instagram life! Jen