*Ruthie - 3 months old

I feel like we are finally slowly emerging from the newborn fog with Ruth now 3 whole months old.   She is still hard to figure out sometimes, but I think we are rounding a corner and can start working again on a rhythm.  We kind of had one the last couple months but something over the last week changed and we are starting anew.  I really feel so much better with a semi-predictable routine and rhythm to our days and it's been hard not having that. She's still taking like 6+ mini naps - sometimes I think I am getting better at knowing which nap was really the end of the one before it, but like I said she is hard to figure out and I often have no idea if she's tired or hungry or tummy-aching. It's really frustrating and I feel like a failure - I mean shouldn't I know by now?? I felt like I was more in tune with the other two.  Who knows.  I'm pretty tired [still not sleeping great].  I seem to have no way with words lately, so if this seems choppy or you talk to me in person and I seem a little dull, this is why!!  How's that for a positive report? :)

Anyway she is a cute, squishy little thing and just loves all the attention from us all.  She coos and  babbles a lot and really loves to be talked to. Today in the car I was even able to talk her out of crying from the front seat!  Yesterday I got a good rolling giggle out of her [by bouncing her on my knee and telling her she's chubby:)] - the longest laugh yet.  Isn't it addictive? You just want to hear it over and over.  She's discovered her toes and is starting to see her hands, bringing whatever's in them to her mouth. She drools like crazy - like 3 bibs a day.

I love her so much - my favorite is laying her down on a blanket or the bed, talking with her and nuzzling my nose into her sweet tummy and neck. Just can't wait for the fussy unpredictable phase to end!

 I feel like she looks like a Ward here:

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Jenny said...

Oh honestly, her cuteness!! Hoping for some good sleep for you soon and very soon!